Tidal Triple Series

The Tidal Triple series introduces 3 of our coastal routes and combines them to make a 3 day back to back marathon bonanza. The 3 events consist of both marathon and half marathon distances which involve completing a number of lapped courses.

As well as the marathon and half marathon races. We also have 10km and 5km races available each day. There is a family fun run (1 mile) that takes place at 9am each day and then the main events start at 9.30am.

Day 1 will start close to Rampside Village Hall and consist of a two lap course. The 13.7 mile route runs along the "Old Line" coastal path that goes back towards Barrow, then the route switches back towards Roa Island. Then the route switches back and heads back a short way down the coastal path before taking a trail that leads back to the village hall, LA13 0PY. There is also a 5km course and for those doing 10km, 2 laps of the 5km need to be completed.

Day 2 will start at Cocken Tunnel, Barrow and will utilise the surrounding coastal paths to deliver a fast and flat (ish) marathon course. This route is 4 laps for the marathon distance, 2 laps for the half, 1 laps for 10km and 1 lap for 5km. Race HQ will be at Cocken Tunnel, LA14 4AD.

Day 3 will take place at Sandy Gap Lane on Walney Island and will be a 8 lap course (8x 3.35 miles) for marathon, 4 laps for the half marathon, 2 laps for the 10km and 1 lap for the 5km. Race HQ will be on the coastal path at the end of Sandy Gap Lane, LA14 3JT.

All of our races start at 9.30am and will have a cut-off time of 6 hours (3 hours for half marathon). Each finisher will receive a goody bag and a unique Tri-Island Running medal. Runners who enter all 3 events will also receive an event T-Shirt.

For more information click on the links below for a more detailed description of the courses:

2018 Tidal Triple Day 1 group cover photo
Tidal Triple 2018 cover photo 1
terry and caroline
Karen Bennett Tidal Day 3
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day 2 tri island tidal triple photo
Tidal Triple 2018-1
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sam hughes Tidal triple 2018 day 1

27th - 29th May 2022

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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