Furness Coastal 10 in 10

Set in the beautiful Furness Peninsula on the edge of the lake district, the Furness Coastal 10 in 10 consists of 5 different marathon routes which are run twice over the 10 days. The marathons take place in Barrow and on Walney Island where runners have the option to enter the full 10 in 10, individual marathon day(s) or Half Marathon (Weekend only).

The various courses are all lapped routes and these range from 2 lap, 6 lap, 8 lap and 10 lap courses. The marathons cover a variety of terrain including trail, tarmac, sand, concrete and public footpaths.

The marathon routes take in some of the stunning coast line of the Furness area and also visit local parks and nature reserves.

The events are timed events and a 6 hour cut-off will be applied for each race. For any half marathon courses the cut-off will be 3 hours.

More information will be provided in the individual course details.

DAY 1 - 7th Dec - Rampside Ramble. LA13 0PY

DAY 2 - 8th Dec - Barrow Coastal Marathon. LA13 0PY

DAY 3 - 9th Dec - Walney Coastal Canter. LA14 3PZ

DAY 4 - 10th Dec - On the Edge Challenge. LA14 2PW

DAY 5 - 11th Dec - Sowerby Adventure Marathon. LA14 2PW

DAY 6 - 12th Dec - Dockside Dilemma Marathon. LA14 2PW

DAY 7 - 13th Dec - Barrow Park Marathon. LA13 9DT

DAY 8 - 14th Dec - Rampside Ramble. LA13 0PY

DAY 9 - 15th Dec - Barrow Coastal Marathon. LA13 0PY

DAY 10 - 16th Dec - Barrow Park Marathon. LA13 9DT