All the questions and answers you could possibly want to know about Tri-Island Running Events

1. What should I do before entering the race?

You should make sure to get a nice cup of tea, or alcoholic beverage, whatever you prefer.  Then sit down and make sure you are comfortable.  Have your card details to hand, and turn off all tv and music…you don’t want to be distracted while you enter all your details, if you get caught up listening to your music and enter accidentally as Adele or Ed Sheeran, not only will we leave that name on your race number, but we will expect a song on the start line to serenade us…..so be careful.  We do not recommend telling people you are entering a marathon unless they are runners themselves.  They won’t understand and you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life as they question your sanity and start referring to you as ‘crazy runner’


2. Do I need any special equipment?

You need legs. These are extremely useful and will help you on the race. 


3. Will there be bling?

Of course. We have no intention of starting an uprising.  There will be bling. It will be pretty and shiny and unique to Tri-Island Running. There will also be a very pretty lanyard which will offer additional bragging rights and should be given equal ‘oooh’s’ and ‘aaah’s’

4. Can I wear my bling to work to show off?

We highly encourage this.  It is best to show it to everyone that you meet and tell them all about your race.  They may wish to hear about the race many times so just because you have already shown it to them on your last trip to the water cooler, there is no reason you can’t remind them. 


5. Can I wear my headphones?

It is very hard for us to answer this question, perhaps a bit of trial and error is needed.  We suggest putting the earphones into your ears and leaving them in….so they stay in? If they do then yes, you can wear headphones. Bravo.  If they fall out, perhaps persevere.  Practice makes perfect.  If you don’t get the hang of it, we won’t judge.


6. Can my dog run with me?

This is highly dependent on your dogs mood.  Are they looking at you with joy, their leads in their mouth while they bounce up and down near the door, seemingly excited and full of energy?  This would be must more suggestive that they want to run with you than if they have chewed their lead to bits and buried it in your flower pot, or are sitting behind the sofa with a look of disgust on their face.  Eating your trainers is usually another sign that they don’t approve.  We would suggest starting them off with a ‘walkie’.  If this works, see how they react if you pick up the pace a little.  Do they join you? If so, congratulations, they are running with you.


Please note; if you turn up with one or more huskie dogs and a whip, muttering ‘mush’ we reserve the right to check your trainers for heelies. 


7. Can I bring my children in a pushchair?

This mainly depends on the age of the child.  Anything up to toddler age is probably ok, but if they are a teenager, we wouldn’t recommend it as they may get a bit cramped over such a long distance.


8. How long do I have to complete the race?

There is a cut off time of 6 hours.  If you finish after that please make sure to let us know how you did as we will have gone home and will likey be enjoying a glass of wine and watching an episode of the walking dead (race highlights)


9. Do you offer pacers?

We do indeed.  Pick someone in front of you. Try to keep up.  If they go so fast you lose sight of them, pick someone else. If you are right at the back with nobody else about, you are likely to be lost, or have gone over the cut off.  For what to do at that point, see previous answer.


10. What shoes should I wear?

We won’t judge no matter what you turn up in.  We wouldn’t recommend stilletos as these probably won’t be suited to all terrains and may give you blisters over the distance, but ultimately, if that is what you prefer, go for it….its nice to have a challenge. 


11. What will happen if the weather is bad?

You will get wet. Or blown away (not in a gangster movie type way…just a havy wind kind of situation) Either way, your hair will be messed up so don’t bother making too much effort with it if the weather looks a bit grim


12. Will there be toilet facilities?

Of course.  There will be numerous trees and bushes along most of the courses.  We would suggest you don’t all gather around the same one, if we could ensure to water all of the plant life equally that would be really great.  Please don’t use local wildlife as toilet paper though, this is frowned upon….and squirrels tend to nip which may cause an injury meaning paperwork for us


13. Will there be spectators?

There are likely to be people wandering about on the routes enjoying a stroll of their own.  They will see you go past them, so yes, there will be spectators. 


14. Will there be a goodie bag?

There will indeed.  This will have a selection of yummy things in it to eat and drink.  If there is something in it that you don’t want or like, it is at that point that you should think about your lovely race directors, and how much they like to receive gifts


15. What will I get if I finish first?

You will get the race result of first place.  You will also likely get a pat on the back, and if we are in a giving mood, a hug and a ‘congratulations’


16. What will I get if I finish last?

You will get the satisfaction of knowing you got the most out of your race entry money an the full right to gloat about this to those silly people who wasted all their energy sprinting it in.  You will also receive a pat on the back, and perhaps a hug….it really depends how sweaty you are.