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Thames Ring 250 Miles 28th June 2017

The Thames Ring 250 is an epic single loop ultra marathon that takes in the River Thames, the Grand Union Canal and the Oxford Canal passing through Henley, Richmond Upon Thames, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Oxford and back to Goring near Reading. I completed this epic adventure in 83 hours and 41 minutes and it is probably the hardest thing i have done so far. To read an extensive race report, click on the pdf link below:

Thames Ring 250 race report - Click here

Tidal Triple Series 2nd June - 4th June 2017

We did it, we successfully orchestrated our first triple marathon and the event has been a huge success. We had such a great time over the three days and whilst some of it was hard going at times, the fact that all the runners were really friendly made up for the hard work behind the scenes.

The first day started out cold and wet and we had 13 runners taking on the course (6 for the half and 7 for the full). However the rain soon eased off and it turned out to be a great day. All the runners were fantastic and all completed the race.

One or two of the runners did make up their own little route at one point but all did well and all had a great time.

Day 2 started and finished at the Dock Museum and we had the biggest turn out yet. The weather was glorious and lots of people had come down to support the event and to support the runners.

To be Continued.....

21st February 2017 - The Medal designs have come through!!!

Exciting times here at Tri-Island Running, the medal designs for the Tidal Triple have come back from the designers and we love them. These are now being ordered and will be arriving in May.

17th February 2017

Today I reccy'd one of the Tri-Island course routes and it is a little bit of tough one which will certainly challenge runners. The route, currently named Dockside Drama (1) starts at the dock museum, Barrow, and heads along the coastal footpath that leads towards Channelside park.

Running along this section we have a brilliant view of Walney Island and the bridge which spans the channel. We also pass a local sailing club and large yatchs can be seen rigged up in the dockyards.

As we enter the channelside park, the route does a complete loop of the walkway there and then heads back towards the dock museum. From here we can see the north of Walney and the glorious lake district in the background and in that instant we know it makes sense to choose this spot as one of our race venues.


The sea was calm, the weather humid and we beat out the rhythm of running, taking us along the smooth walkway to the museum. As we return to the grounds, we head off to the right and move around the back of the museum and then follow the coastal promenade as it heads north past the local college.

The coastal trail carries on north along a beautiful route and Black Combe looms in the distance completing the breath taking scene around us. To the left, Walney stretches out gracefully showing off its dunes and beaches in the distance. Directly ahead we have black combe and to the right Barrow town is nestled amongst all.

As we follow the trail, we start to climb higher. The first "big" hill is fairly steep and i appreciate that by lap 5 of this course, runners may call it a bit of a bitch haha. Cresting the hill just brings even more breath taking views and i feel incredibly lucky to be living in such a beautiful area. Despite the cloud, the calmness of the day made everything stand out and i was quite humbled by the quiet and sereneness of it all.

We now run down a steep hill and then enter Barrow's slag banks which are remnants of the town's old Steelwork industry. We have another steep incline up the banks and then reaching the top brings us clear views of Roan Head beach, Askam and the lake district. Now we were truly out in the sticks and no-one else was around. This will be great for runners as they will get to see the true beauty of the course.

The route then drops down quickly and runs through some open land before dropping down further and then following a small trail which leads runners through bushes and undergrowth alongside the railway.

As the trail opens up and on to a tarmac trail we turn right and head back up the slag banks eventually joining the route we just ran down. This is last tough climb before returning the fairly flatish coastal path that will lead us back to the Dock Museum. The trail is all runnable and easy underfoot apart from a small section on the slag banks that is a little bit rocky.

As we pound the trail back along towards the dock museum, the elevated route gives a panoramic view of Barrow town, Walney and the Irish Sea. Finally we run down the steps near the college and we're back on the promenade that leads to the dock museum.

On the level ground, we pick up the pace and sprint towards our destination, crossing the dock bridge, we turn left and end up at the finish of the lap. Another great reccy for Tri-Island Running.

Sunday 5th Feb 2017

First proper reccy done of the Earnsea Escape marathon course and it looks great. The route has got something for everyone as it traverses tarmac, cobble stones, stoney beach sesctions and lovely trail sections through North Walney's nature reserve.

The only thing to look out fo here is the long sea grass as it can be quite prickly at times. Those of you who wear running leggings will be a little better protected but those who wear shorts will just need to be srong. I wore shorts for this reccy and it was fine, just a little itchy after a whie.

The biggest pay off we get from the this course is the stunning scenery the beach and nature reserve have to offer. Being so close to the lake district also means that we have full view of the mountains which are simply breath-taking. I look forward to welcoming our runners to the course.